Mille Lacs Photos
Mille Lacs County, Minnesota

Dustin  Underwood
Dustin Underwood
Mitchell Wicks - Bite is on!!
Mitchell Wicks
Michael Wicks - Tanks are biting!!
Michael Wicks
Dustin Underwood
Dustin Underwood
Justin Zeis - My daughters first walleye of the season
Justin Zeis
Steven Hicks - Wake up to the rattle reel. This eye came at 2am for 10 year old Abigail Hicks.
Steven Hicks
Shawn LeMire - 26 walleye caught jigging with gold/red clam flutter spoon
Shawn LeMire
Ching Moua - 22 walleye on Shiner tip up
Ching Moua
ching Moua - Nice pike on a tip up with Sucker minnow
ching Moua
Ching Moua - 26 Walleye.
Ching Moua
Hank Sadler - Trolling For Troops FLW Event/ Lake Mille Lacs/Camp 

Ripley,MN,   Hank & Steve enjoying a great day

and catching big Walleye on beautiful Lake Mille Lac w/ 

FLW  Eggo Pro & Professional Angler Brian Bro Brosdahl of 

Bros Guide Service & Promotions.
Hank Sadler
Alejandra BigBear - shallow rocks
Alejandra BigBear
Katey Verdeja
Katey Verdeja
Jory Simons - Fish hit fathead minnow on bare hook at 4:30 taken in front of Sleeper from Macs.
Jory Simons
Bee Xiong - Nice walleye caught out of Rocky Reef in mid-January.
Bee Xiong
George BigBearJr - fishing shallow on the rocks
George BigBearJr
George BigBearJr
George BigBearJr
Justin Plautz
Justin Plautz
Brad  Hawthorne
Brad Hawthorne
austin polomny - Austin cuaght this big walleye on a rattle reel at 1 in the morning out of walleye dundees .
austin polomny
Mick Ramis - Carls Flat Pig
Mick Ramis
Eriq  Stadig
Eriq Stadig
Nicole Stolts - Lindy rig on the rocks
Nicole Stolts
John Wallace - First keeper Muskie. We put it back.
John Wallace
Ron Brownell - This is an ordinary Walleye, but to catch an expression like this on a perfect day on the dead sea.  It was anything but dead!
Ron Brownell