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Lake Of The Woods County, Minnesota

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Your description of the lake has an error. LOW is far deeper than 36', reaching 214' around 3 Sisters Islands in Whitefish Bay. Even if you sound only on the Minnesota side of the lake, I believe you will find depths in excess of 50'. LOW is the premier walleye lake in MN, yielding consistent catches of eating-size Walleyes as well as occasional lunkers. In the weeds/2-5 feet of water/August, Northern Pike hit like Bass for an incomparable adrenaline rush!
The map is a great tool and shows the major roads that are listed.
great lake as long as you have the right equipment for this big body of water.
Walleyes are great in MARCH. Be there i March again, Got 10Lbs Walleyes.
So Much Lake, So Little Time. Fishheads Wife Even Likes It ! You Will Too.
Awesome Muskie Action! I Don´t Know Why They Have Muskie Present On Lake Info...
Limit Out On Walleye
Waleye Waleye And More Waleye,s
Always Biting Somewhere On This Lake. Ask A Guide And He Will Point You In The Right Direction!!!!!