Fishing Outlook: Data from the recent fish population assessment conducted in 2015 indicate that many species are thriving in Pelican Lake. The Walleye catch rate was 10.2 per net, which exceeds the expected range for similar lakes. Walleye age structure is excellent as four strong year classes were represented in the age-class distribution. Walleyes ranged in length from 9.9 to 28.5 inches with a mean length and weight of 16.2 inches and 1.6 pounds.

A moderate 5 density Northern Pike population exists with a good average size. Northern Pike size structure has improved in recent assessments. In the 2015 assessment, 42% of the pike were 24.0 inches or greater in length.

The Black Crappie and Bluegill populations are very abundant and possess good size structures. Black Crappies up to 13.7 inches were sampled and forty-seven percent of the Black Crappie sample was 10.0 inches or greater in length. Bluegills up to 9.1 inches were sampled and twenty-one percent of the Bluegill sample was 7.0 inches or greater in length. Pelican Lake also has low-density trophy Smallmouth Bass and Muskellunge angling opportunities.