Lets Start a lawsuit against The dnr for fraud,lake discrimination and walleye and size limit manipulation .compare this lake, mille lacs to any other lake around here .You will see on the lake survey of fish,The count that this lake has,is the best numbers of total walleye count than any other lake around here. yet we cannot fish walleye ,what is happening here is the dnr is looking like they are trying to get revenge on the last lawsuit that was brought against them to the resort owners .Trying to hurt them financially.If the dnr can use these numbers to shut down a lake for walleye.Then literally every lake around here should now be shut down!!here is proof.google (mn lake finder)pick any random lake around here ,then at the top of the page will say lake survey click it, look at walleye counts you will see that mille lacs and its people and resort owners are being unjustly treated here .