Lac Vieux Desert Lake Reviews
Gogebic County, Michigan

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went to Indian Villiage rd. last Fri.afternoon...someone plowed a it's a rutted up slushy mess,,,The snowmobile trail is ruined by the St.park from the derby..& the slush was really bad..Remember also...those islands are private property...seeing people on Mary's Isle breaks my heart as I know the owner & there's no trespassing signs all over the isle. I also hope the DNR takes the bag limit to 10 for's a big lake..but if someone is coming for a weekend...I'm sure they want more than 25 fish as there's no possession limit except daily bag for boundry waters...
I like fishing this lake it has good productivity for being pressured like it is. That being said every inland body of water has several "Life stages" and LVD is just making a natural transition which ultimately changes the Biota of the system. Before we start blaming certain sects of people Let's get the facts straight. Walleye populations have fallen on some northern Wisconsin lakes, according to the DNR. For example, Lac Vieux Desert on the Michigan border has had five years where no walleye reproduced naturally. But the reasons for troubles on such lakes aren't clear-cut. Possible factors include climate change, changes in water clarity — walleye prefer darker, more turbid water — and conditions on lake beds for spawning, said Joe Hennessy, treaty fisheries specialist with the DNR. The combination of tribal spearing and sport fishing is not a factor, Hennessy said. He noted that rarely does a lake's total harvest exceed 35%, as specified in the Voight treaty decision that affirmed the treaty rights of Lake Superior Chippewa on non-reservation land in northern Wisconsin. The annual harvest of walleye by sport anglers in ceded territories has been estimated at 260,000 to 300,000 between 2008 and 2012, the DNR said. The long-term walleye spearing yearly average since 2000 is 29,065, DNR figures show. It's always good to practice Catch and Release! Get up there and enjoy a very awesome fishery!
Speaking of the Indians spearing (walleyes) on this lake. I know its a BIG body of water, when you crunch the numbers, with the limited stocking of walleyes (2006). It is on the decline to catch walleyes period! Let alone decent walleyes 20 inch and above. I am being honest here. Speared: 2010 399 walleyes, 3 muskies 2011 483 walleyes, 3 muskies 2012 June 18th 184 walleyes, 1 muskie The DNR added a teal color dye to walleyes tail and the last report was that the majority of walleyes speared had the teal. Sad Sad. Things need to change for the lakes (Wis and Upper MI). People who just go fishing in general, people who own cottages, people who go to Resorts, people who come up from mid, southern WI or other states are affected BIG TIME! We "people" SUPPORT the lakes with sport, care and the love of fishing. Anyways, safe fishing and good fishing. Catch and release on the larger females. Take a picture, send it back. A picture says a thousand words! Smile Flag up, fish down.
Love this Lake, watch out for the wind , it gets very dangerous when the wind comes up!
This lake is the closest thing to Canadian fishing Ive found in Wisconsin. Its a huge lake where you will never be crowded by other boats. Wind is always a factor but its well worth it. You can catch anything you want on this lake, they're all here!!! If you put in your time, you'll find the fish, and you'll find them in great numbers. This is still the lake I take people when they want to learn how to Musky fish! They'll catch alot of northerns and when you finally do catch a musky, it'll be a really nice one! There are some monster Tigers and Ski's on this lake!!!
Not a fan of this lake, Tons of preasure and lots of weeds. Lot of boats on opening weekend. Hard to get a spot to fish where the fish are on opener.
Its a good ice lake with lots of bigger Walley but know thair is alot more northerns. we go muskey fishing every year and this year was one of the worst!
Great ice fishing lake tons of nice walleye-best ice lake in the north-woods in my opinion-also some decent perch but do to people keeping small perch its hard to find jumbos but really pumped up for this ice fishing season
i always hear about supposed good fishing on this lake but all i ever catch are small northerns and small perch.i cast mepps over the tops of the weed beds but havent had much success.maybe im there a week later than im supposed to be.
Have fished this lake for 22 years...last winter (2002) was best walleye fishing ever....lots of 22-28" fish....perch have been decimated too many people keeping way too many small fish 7"and under...pressure on skies has made for tough fishing short feeding windows....lake was much better 10 years ago...please let those 7" perch go they will get much bigger
This is a great northern and muskie lake. We thru a few bucktails and managed a few nice northerns. The largest was 34 inches. We had a muskie on but it spit the hook right near the boat. This is one of the best I'v fished.
I spent the first week of June this year and the fishing was excellent. We caught many Northern Pike and Perch. My brother caught a 24 inch Walleye and I would highly recommend this lake for fishing. I reserved a cottage with Deb Ament and the amenities were outstanding.
Once my grandpa, my uncle, and I caught 51 yellow perch in 75 minutes. The perch had to be at least 7" long to be kept. In addition to this it was 2:30 pm, and it was sunny and about 80 degrees F. Every year the yellow perch are dependable, and my record is 12 and 5/8 inches. The northerns are numerous, and the walleyes are more prevalent.
This has been a great year for ice fishing!!!!!!
I've fished this lake for 20+yrs and its got mounting potential for all species.Great variety but northern are choking out the lake.Walleyes getting bigger lately.
I have been fishing this lake for 30 years. We always do good, if one species doesn't bite, the other will! We go every Memorial day. Recent years are yielding more walleye. Lake management seems to be good.
Fished Dozens Of Times It Is The Best Of The Best
Can"t Beat This Lake For Perch And Crappies
Weediest Lake I,ve Ever Fished. I Will Not Return!
Never Had Much Luck With Any Fish On This Lake, But I Don´t Doubt It´s Potential.
Great Northern Lake. Walleye Have Gone Through A Big Restocking Program.
Great For Musky
We Eat Jumbo Perch Every Spring We Fish This Lake Usually Get Our Limit
This Lake Has Been Speared Hard Lots Of Luck On The Walleyes!
Great Lake For Pike, Walleye, Muskie, Pan Fish, Some Nice Resorts In Area, Quite
Muskies Are Huge,other Fish Are Decent, And Easy To Catch
Perch, Muskie, Smallies, Walleyes... What Else Need I Say!