Gogebic Lake Lake Reviews
Gogebic County, Michigan

There are currently 8 reviews for Gogebic Lake.
Have come here to Ice fish first time on open water. Had a friend lend me a boat that couldn’t get launched alone with all the wind today. Tried to wade out and cast for a while with no success. Either way the lake is stunning. Anyone going out from the state park and has a seat available pm me. Drove 7 hours and want to catch and release some eyes
Good lake for walleye, smallmouth, and perch...but thats all I ever catch here. Took me a whole week to catch a legal sized walleye, but you will catch lots of them. Would catch walleye and smallmouth right of the dock for a good two hours non stop during the evening. Any perch colors really work well!
Great for perfect eater size walleye. Easy to catch lots of walleye that and there are some huge perch. I was up for 2 and a half days and we caught 36 keeper walleyes, 3 perch which one was 1.25 pounds, and several northern in the after noon.
Did very well for the opener this year just throwing "rap's" from the pier at light and evenings starting at 8PM. All males 15-20 inches.
Fished this lake 4 yrs. This is probably your best chance at a 2# perch for the wall. Walleye can be outstanding at night.Please release the large females (perch) as they are old and slow growing. If you don`t intend to mount them please let them spawn.
A great lake that I have been around my entire life and I now have a cabin on!
Fished this lake since 2003, summer and winter. I like to troll crankbaits in the weedy mud flats for pike. You can find perch in the same spots in the summer. Caught a 21" smallie in 2004 casting a musky sized bucktail for pike. I go here mainly in the winter to chase those huge perch that the lake is known for. And they are HUGE!!!
This lake is great. Not many people and great fishing. Three mile bay is excellent for walleye. Use slip bobbers and leeches along the reed beds to pick up your limit of walleye. There are also some monster crappie, bluegill, and northern in this bay. If the walleye aren't here, they will be in the deeper water at the edge of this bay. Use a 1/4 oz. jig off the bottom with a whole night crawler. Practice good sportsmanship to keep this lake looking beautiful. Thanks, and good luck fishing.