Torch (Chain O' Lakes) Lake Lake Reviews
Antrim County, Michigan

There are currently 2 reviews for Torch (Chain O' Lakes) Lake.
If you are looking for the most beautiful lake in the world, then look no further than beautiful torch lake. A secret to most, locals may not tell everyone about this gem of a lake, just to keep it somewhat secret. I have never had a better summer than when I spend it on Torch Lake. Great water, great northern michigan hospitality. Everyone seems to smile while there on this lake. Don't miss out!
This has to be the prettiest fresh water lake that I've ever spent time on. The lake itself is 18 miles long and 2 1/2 miles wide, which is perfect for the speed demons or the lazy loungers. It reminds me of tropical seas with all the different shades of blues and greens due to being so crystal clear. The north end of the lake has mainly a rocky bottom structure, while the south end of the lake is sand. The south end is where you'll find one of the main attractions, "The Sand Bar". You'll find hundreds of boats anchored off side by side to bar-b-q, sunbathe, play volleyball or frisbee and to just enjoy a big sand bar party. If you're not into the boaters crowd, spend the day going through "the chain of lakes". Make sure to stop at The Dockside Bar and Grill for lunch, located on the east shore line where Clam Lake enters into Torch Lake. Once you've experienced the beauty and all this lake has to offer, you'll make a point of spending as much time as you can on it, like I do. :-)