A month of ice fishing and only one small bluegill! Many under size 20-23 inches Northern Pike on tip-ups, they must be 24 inches. This lake flows into Horsehead Lake which states in the DNA Fishing Guide that in that lake you can remove 5 any size Northern Pike but no more then one over 24 inches. This seems to me a good idea and should also be for Jehnsen Lake to remove more of these under size Northern Pike. Why are the rules different for the two lakes when the water from Jehnsen Lake flows into Horsehead Lake. Can the DNR report if changing the Northern Pike size limit from 24 inches with no more then 2 a day to any size can be removed but no more then one over 24 inches does this improve the lake fishing. Does this increase the size of the remaining Pike, that would be good? Does this increase the amount of pan fish, that would be good? I can be reached at grpirman@gmail.com if you have the answers. Sweating