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2015 Articles

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March 2015

Bobbing for Crappies by Israel Dunn
Now before you ask, no I'm not talking about a fun game you can play at your next club meeting. I am talking about a great strategy to help you land more of these delicious little fillets with fins. Fishing the late ice/early open water season for crappies can yield some serious table fare. However fishing this transitional season is wrought with it's own set of problems. Using this simple technique will allow you to catch crappies with greater consistency. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of bobbing for crappies, let's take a quick look at what the crappie are up to this time of year and how their habitat is changing during this transitional season. When the days grow ... more

February 2015

Every man has limitations which can not be exceeded without suffering profound mental distress. My personal panic stage for not seeing bare ground and open water is about six weeks. January in November had most voices in my head screaming "drive south". These voices grew louder as the whispers to hunt deer faded with every doe hanging in the pole barn. A brief respite from winter's brutality around Christmas resulted in return of perpetual tinnitus, the aural test pattern which plays when the voices go away. But the die was already cast. Lake Guntersville in northern Alabama has been on my bass fishing bucket list for years. This 75 mile long impoundment of the Tennessee River ha... more
Catching Suspended Basin Fish by Scott Stankowski
When it comes to fishing in a large basin like many of our flowages and reservoirs, electronics are a must. I spend a great deal of my time out on ole Lake Winnebago and she behaves in much the same way. I consider myself an above average fisherman in the open water on these bodies of water and can catch active fish on any given day. A variety of tactics always work from trolling the mud to jigging up shallow. The hard water bite is a little bit more complicated than the summer for me. One thing that I have learned is that the fish retain some tendencies from the summer into the winter. One of these that I have noticed through my electronics is targeting the fish that are active and ... more
Dropshot Panfish by Ted Pilgrim
The Best Rig You've Never Fished? Written in conjnction with Brian "Bro" Brosdahl Amazing that such a versatile rig- this prefect presenter of soft plastics and livebait- would be so little employed by panfish fans. In reality, a dropshot rig can be as productive as a bobber and bait, or even a tiny jig. It's even possible that the dropshot is the most versatile rig of all, providing instant depth control; fishes heavy without impairing or impeding the presentation; shines in shallow and deep water; and activates softbaits like no other presentation. Despite the rig's "advanced" connotation, the dropshot couldn't be simpler. Think split-shot rig in reverse. As a softbait delivery met... more
In two-line situations throughout North-Central Ontario - and much of the continental Ice Belt for that matter -- not much beats a jig and minnow combination for scraping extra walleye off the spots you jig. Spoons, rattle baits and other lures bring fish under you, and a lively dace, chub or golden shiner set up nearby adds a whole other angle to your game. Struggling against the weight of a lead ball in its nose or back, a minnow rigged this way is just too easy for a walleye to eat. Inside a shelter, rig up a horizontal rod holder and set your drag to slip a little if a good fish scoops up the jig and minnow when you're not looking. I like shorter rods, from 26 to 32 inches long with a... more
Winter Perchin' by Kevin Fassbind
Perch are unquestionably one of the most sought after panfish during the hardwater season. It would seem they have the perfect combination of scrappiness and delicious to put them near the top of any panfisherman's list. The habitat is vast in the northern tier of states. Farm ponds in the Dakotas, mega lakes of north central Minnesota, small to medium natural lakes and impoundments across their range, and portions of the Great Lakes. For the purpose of this article, I will focus on my strengths. A lifetime of fishing the deep natural lakes of Madison, Wisconsin, and over 20 years of fishing both Leech Lake and Lake Winnibegoshish in north central Minnesota. The Madison chain is home to... more

January 2015

Times were tight for Dan "Bimbo" Gifford back in the summer of 2012. This longtime union carpenter and laborer was looking forward to retirement after a 30 year career. He had just 72 hours to work before qualifying for a full pension. Dreams shattered in an instant when Gifford severed his Achilles tendon and was unable to get work. Gifford and his wife were able to survive with the small income she brought in and from a small panfish fly Gifford tied while trying to recover. He calls his bait the Bimbo Skunk. When two anglers living 250 miles apart asked if I had ever heard of the Bimbo Skunk in less than a week it was like a whisper from the Holy Spirit. I had to find this ... more
It's All About Efficiency by Jerry Carlson
The deep water basin that typically holds winter crappies was void of activity. There was not one single house in the area and very few old holes. As my fishing partner, Charlie Simkins, and I walked through the region taking readings through the ice with our Vexilars, it became evident why this perennial hotspot was being ignored this year. There were simply no suspended fish anywhere in the vicinity. We didn't waste our time. Once we were convinced it was hopeless, we pointed the four-wheeler towards the landing and left. Once at the landing, we were loaded and off to a different lake within minutes. Thirty minutes later we were marking fish on new water and drilling holes. There ... more
Fifteen years ago I was living the ice fishing dream, spoiled by limits of big panfish nearly every outing on the lakes around Madison, Wisconsin. I was very fortunate to have become friends with Kevin Fassbind who taught me the ins and outs of ice angling for panfish on the Madison Chain. The real key to success was to aggressively search weedbeds for concentrations of gills and crappies. Underwater cameras were a relatively new innovation at the time and we utilized them to the fullest, drilling dozens of holes and probing each with the camera before ever wetting a line. Our strategy was based on the fact that panfish are relatively stationary in thick weeds - find holes with concentra... more

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