Channel Lake Lake Reviews
Lake County, Illinois

There are currently 3 reviews for Channel Lake.
Went out a few times on Channel fishing for panfish through the ice, caught gills and a couple perch, the action can be hot on certain days and on other days it could be pretty bad
I give it a 3 but it was a 5 15 years ago. Channel Lake had been a consistent lake to catch all species of fish. You can set out for Bass and end up with a Muskie or Pike or some other species. I use a jig and minnow 95% of the time when I fish. The fact that the big boats can`t get under the bridge helps the lakes structure.Although the cigar boats do cause some damage. Early spring and fall seems to be the only time a fisherperson can do their thing in peace.
Great Lake before and after the busy boating season. Nice walleye, channel catfish and pan fish. Muskie and pike are also in good numbers