Fox River Lake Reviews
Kane County, Illinois

There are currently 3 reviews for Fox River.
You rarely get skunked on the Fox. Near the Algonquin dam is where I fish the most. Sheepshead are the most commonly caught fish, with small channel cats just as common. Larger channels are there, but not as common. Smallmouth action can be good by Algonquin. Carp are infrequent but large. Other species I've caught or my dad has caught are brown bullheads, yellow bass, white bass (nice), big fat bluegills, nice largemouths, and crappie. Worms/nightcrawlers are your best bet, with cut fish for catfish. Small crankbaits may entice a smallmouth, mepps spinners for white bass.
The Fox is an excellent river to catch a variety of fish. I have found that the Dams around Aurora, Montgomery and Yorkville have produced some excellent Smallmouth Bass (17-19"), Walleye and Muskies (37-40"). It is a great river to start wading in. practice C/R whenever possible and please try to clean up after yourself.
Awesome! In Yorkville at the dam you instantly catch little channel catfish. If you fish under the dam with sucker, bluegille or chicken liver you catch huge cats. Right under the dam using a minnow or nightcrawler you catch some nice, white, yellow, and smallmouth bass. Also some huge walleye! Fish with a nightcrawler on the bottom and catch just about everything from smallmouth bass, white bass, yellow bass, catfish, carp, sucker, and much, much more! This is a great place!