Big Rock Creek Lake Reviews
Kane County, Illinois

There are currently 2 reviews for Big Rock Creek.
Started fishing this creek last year and have caught a number of smallmouths ranging from one pound to about three pounds. i fish near the big rock quarrie. my first fish this year was on 2-20-2012 and it was a smallmouth about a pound and a half.
Big rock creek was originally an excellent smallmouth fishery. Unfortunately, several years ago a spill of manure from a local farmer all but extripated the smallmouth bass from this precious gem of a stream. Fish are slowly repopulating, but increased fishing pressure as of late has rendered all fish I have caught and released and seen others catch inadequate. Although some carp, suckers, minnows and catfish still thrive in Plano, very few and small fish inhabit this stretch. Where the Rock enters the fox however, smaller bass are abound up to about 8", but there is insufficient habitat for anything larger. Near Jericho Lake, some larger bass may be caught, but usually only during spawn, which is when we should be leaving these fish alone to reproduce. I rated this a 1 because before the great manure spill, I had had 20 fish days and now just catching one fish is a good day.