Heidecke Lake Lake Reviews
Grundy County, Illinois

There are currently 6 reviews for Heidecke Lake.
caught 25 inch 5 # walleye on south side 7.8 ft water 1/16 oz jig with nightcrawler
caught 15 small walleye on south side 8.5 ft deep jig and 1/2 worm jigging off the bottom 12 white bass 3 blue gill
2007 was a good year for a few fish each trip, mainly walleye and white bass with an occasional striper when trolling. Had some good crappie action with minnows and tube jigs 18 inches below floats, not to mention a number of 5-7 lb. cats on the same rig. as you can imagine the crappies slowly take the jig down whereas the cats will take the float and the rod if not careful. Would really like to get out on Heidecke ice fishing, could be the best walleye fishing in all of Illinois. Hope the water level stays low so I can get my boat to the far side, under most conditions even a light breeze can make the bridge a dangerous, head crushing experience. getnany
There are many opportunities to catch Smallies, Stripers, Walleye and even Muskies either by casting or trolling. I've caught some nice size Walleyes by working the humps.
Has great potential! Smallmouth, Walleye,largemouth, catfish, stripers and even muskie can be had.This is first season without power plant running, and it has been the best fishing for me in the last 3 years
Good lake for Walleye & Smallmouth. If you never caught a stripper before this is the lake for you. Not difficult to land a 5-6 pound beauty.