Shabbona Lake Lake Reviews
DeKalb County, Illinois

There are currently 11 reviews for Shabbona Lake.
The crappie and largemouth bass fishing on this lake is decent, but the lake is relatively small and there are way too many boats on the water (especially on the weekends). Also, despite heavy stocking over the last few years, the walleye population hasn't seemed to take off.
great crappie,bass fishing all year around big cats as well we usually leave with our limits :)
shabby is a close get away for our family of 6 we go there almost every weekend if it is just us or takeing the oldest to ISHA fishing practice.
over pressured sucks
i have been to this lake 5 times and only caught a hand full of fish where is the best spot for walleye and crappie on this lake
Even though this lake gets a tremendous amount of pressure, I have usually caught my limit of panfish. I really enjoy the scenery and it has an abundance of amenities.
Nice lake for Catfish ,evening fishing with chicken liver or stink bait . Try fishing beginning of the week ,very busy on weekends .I fished on the bottom in 15 ft water.Fish were very clean, and very good eating.
Great lake, lots structure for muskie and bass to relate to. Receives a great deal of fishing pressure but fish are still able to be caught. Fishing during the week early and late is best also less people on the lake.
This lake has a ton of fish. But, it is very heavily fished. A lot of the fish have grown acustome to the lures and hooks. The best thing that seems to work there is blue and chrome lures near large schools of bait fish during days when its cloudy and raining while there are hardly any boats on the water because of the conditions.
We fished this lake two weeks ago. Among 5 fisherman over 8 hours, we didn't even get one bite or nibble. Action was dead. Maybe too late in the season.
This small body of water has a hard time sustaining itself under huge amounts of fishing pressure.