Opeaka Lake Lake Reviews
Cook County, Illinois

There are currently 2 reviews for Opeaka Lake.
Have fished there a few times now & caught some good sized LMB & SMB-mostly on nightcrawlers. It is safe, clean & a good place to just hang out for the day.Will keep going back.
Im suprised that when I go on the internet and look for Lake Opeaka and find that not one person coments or leaves reports. Yea i dnt but thats cuz i dnt wannabe a member of a one person club if u get me but lets get to the reason im here. Lake Opeaka, this is a wonderful lake to fish at or just come to and have a good time. They offer u alot to do from a par 3 golf course with 18 holes to a very well kept lake. The bass fishing is perfect the crappie are good and well even the bluegill give u a run for your money. The PIKE very few but very nice.