Busse Lake Lake Reviews
Cook County, Illinois

There are currently 11 reviews for Busse Lake.
Water level was high, used a fly rod for practice catching small ones, switched to spinning rod with silver spoon and caught a northern, which was surprising. 24 inches, released for another day.
Tried out Busse lake for my first time. i wouldn't say that its an over fished lake. the fish here are very finicky. However i did notice a few people keeping every fish they caught off shore. I think the DNR needs to step up their game out here and it will be a better lake for future fisherman. possibly set some lake specific regulations out here.
Busse Lake has a boat launch ramp. You access it off of East Higgins Rd near North Pool of Busse Lake. Launch appears to have 2 slips (concrete ramps) and parking for 44 vehicles with trailers
I fished in a pond near this lake and caught a 3 3/4 largemouth bass i caught it with a powerbait plastic worm i believe it was spawning but i couldnt tell
Great lake
This is a great lake, I fish it every weekend and three nights during the week. Avg. Bass is 2-3 LBS. Have caught a lot of 5 LBS. If you like Cat's there are some large ones out there, my best is 9 pounds but have seen larger caught. Lots of Pike also, 30" to 40" And lots of Eye's. My best was 26" Best time is early mourning or just before dark. the best way to fish this lake is from a boat. I catch and release everything I catch.
This lake is good but im sorry if people out there are going to hate this but this lake is getting overfished!!!!! over half the people i see fishing keep what they catch!!!! I say at least throw some fish back or this lake is going to be a horrible place to fish.
Fished Busse last week caught a 4 lb. bass and lost another just as big alongside the boat. Wind blown bays are the key to finding them along with the right presentation.
great place to take the canoe or row boat nice lake for bass and panfish
Great Fishing...Once spring opens up try some shallow shad raps. You will hit some nice some bass on good days.