Gompers Park Lagoon, Cook County

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3/22/16 @ 11:32 AM
USER since 3/21/16
It is a shame about 15 years ago when this lagoon was dredged out, that the city goofballs actually managed to not make the lagoon deeper (to help against fish kills) and even made it smaller and less fishable areas around the shorelines. Besides the annual catfish and/or bullhead stockings some of these fish would survive the winter and you could catch something every fall and spring. Due to people throwing in fish, I have caught everything from decent largemouth, yellow perch, and some decent bluegills. Don't know if people still throw in fish in this lagoon. Also some big carp have always been in this lagoon.

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3/18/12 @ 1:14 AM
USER since 8/7/11

I saw it jump and I rushed over to the other side and grabbed a buzz bait. Ran back and caught it in a few minutes. I caught it at 6, picture taken at 8. Released it Big Smile (My head is 8 inches and I was holding it right up to my head.)


Edited on 3/18/12 1:18 AM
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