Round Goby Predators

5/14/16 @ 8:13 PM
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Hey all, I was just wondering what your experience is with round gobies as a prey fish. I know that smallmouth bass and brown trout feed on them pretty heavily but what about others?

Which species have you found round gobies in (I'm talking stomach contents here)? Catfish? Salmon? Lake Trout? Walleye? Burbot? There's not as much research as I would like on the subject.

Lures that imitate round gobies are pretty successful now with smallmouth and browns. I'd like to know what else I can target with them.

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5/25/16 @ 1:46 PM
Capt. Jarrid Houston
Jarrid Houston
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In the St Louis River here by Superior/Duluth we have gobies.  I imagine that they are ate by most predetor fish being that they don't get big and have soft bodies.  Not a fish biologist by any means, but my opinion is they do get consumed.  Still an invasive and they are not suppose to be here!!

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5/15/16 @ 4:11 AM
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walleyes, lake trout, whitefish and perch

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