I have started this topic for discussion about fishing regulations and how they are applied/enforced. On the Milwaukee-Lake Michigan fishing reports a post was made about being cited by a game warden for fishing for trout without a stamp when the poster was fishing for perch. I wanted to free the report site for actually fishing reports but still keeping the conversation alive. My two cents are as follows; I do believe that names and facts should be shared rather than a general gripe. As a sportsman I feel obliged to step forward and make a few calls if I see injustice. Making assumptions of guilt in grey areas and then telling the person that's what courts are for is unacceptable. The agony and cost of being forced through this so that an employee (game warden)of ours can evade using discretion and common sense. Only through sportsmen supporting one another and ensuring transparency will we retain our pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (fishes). COMMENTS?