I hope I'm not the only one that noticed that the special Mississippi River zone has basically the same season dates as the southern zone. I thought the purpose for the special zone for the Mississippi River was to provide additional hunting opportunities!!! Not reduce them to the general public and give them to special interests. All I see is the taking away of a weekend and replacing it with two week days. That seems to me to provide additional opportunities to special interest groups. That being guides and the privileged that can take time off of work to hunt during the week while having reduced pressure. It took longer than I thought for DNR/Kent to do what he said he never would. That being having duplicate season dates in zones. The DNR/Kent had their experiment with the Mississippi River zone. Its time they actually increase hunting days in the field while also taking advantage of the unique ecosystem Lake Michigan has. That is the true purpose to having a third zone. Its not to duplicate the southern zone. What a waste of an opportunity the US Fish and Wildlife gave us! Please speak out! Lake Michigan has lots of room for everyone and is plentiful with sea ducks that are not harvested anywhere else in the state along with the fact it is the last place to freeze out if at all.