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12/23/14 @ 4:35 PM
USER since 8/4/09
Anybody rabbit hunt around the valley? I'm looking to get out a few times because ice fishing has been slow for me. I was thinking about hitting a few public areas. My question is if anyone hunts any of these public areas and if they produce. Don't need exact areas but just public spots in produce any number of rabbits in general. Was thinking maybe hitting Navarino, Deer Creek or maybe Shiocton.
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12/25/14 @ 6:46 AM
Troy Stoeger
USER since 4/2/02
No idea for sure Pike, on proven producers anyway. All the places around the valley that used to produce for my family are gone. I grew up hunting with a pack of beagles but those areas are all either private property or inside city limits now.

I have seen a few bunnies on the Rat River land toward Neenah. I don't know how many of them are there as I was there I think one day squirrel hunting with the wife and kicked up a couple.

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12/23/14 @ 5:21 PM
USER since 4/14/08
You can find rabbits anywhere where there's a lot of brush or brush piles. Jump on top of the brush piles and sooner or later, one's gonna jump out.

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