Moved back to Minnesota - best place to buy gear and lures?

6/29/15 @ 7:38 PM
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Hi Everyone, New member and first time poster. I recently moved back to Minnesota after 11 years away and realized my gear and tacklebox needs to be updated. I was thinking of buying some stuff online to save some money. But, I've never bought fishing stuff online. Has anyone tried that and recommend it? If not, then what is your favorite tackle shop in the Twin Cities area? Thank you for any advice. It feels good to be back in MN and back fishing!
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11/3/15 @ 9:28 PM
Tim Zwieg
USER since 1/10/12
Hey there sorry to see nobody responded to you post. Depends where you live. Lots of good places, Gander Mountain, Fleet Farm, Joes , Thorne Brothers, Capras. These are all in the cities where you live I have more favorites

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