Hello, My name is Amber Stedman, and I am a Master's student at Eastern Michigan University. I am currently working on a population genetic analysis of mudpuppies along the Lake Erie-Huron Corridor. If you come across mudpuppies and are willing to collect samples to aid this project, I would really appreciate your help! If you would like to help, please follow the instructions below: Place the whole Mudpuppy(s) in ziploc bag, seal, and freeze the bag. Tissue samples may be placed in storage tubes containing ethanol. Include the following information on a 3x5 card placed within the bag (using pencil) and on the outside of the bag (using permanent marker). In the case of tissue samples, label outside of tube with permanent marker. 1.) Observer 2.) Date 3.) Precise Collection Location. If you are able to collect samples, please contact one of the following people: 1.) David Mifsud 517-522-3525 DMifsud@HerpRMan.com 2.) Maegan Stapleton 517-522-3525 MStapleton@HerpRMan.com 3.) Amber Stedman 815-761-8941 AStedman@EMich.edu 4.) Greg Schneider 734-647-1927, 734-763-0740 GES@UMich.edu Thanks again for your consideration! Sincerely, Amber Stedman