Power Pole Micro?

9/6/18 @ 11:32 AM
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Anyone running a power pole micro on their Yak?

been doing a lot of river fishing and the standard stake out pole simply does not work on rivers with rocky beds.  

The power pole applies just enough downward pressure to hold you in position.

I also saw the river stick thing which is manual and simply drops the spike and just uses gravity so the yak would likely keep moving until the spike hit something like a rock to hold it.

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10/9/18 @ 11:22 AM
Tyler Thiede
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I have some buddies that have a Micro PP on their kayaks.  Works great - you can easily lift even the biggest of kayaks out of the water with it.  The downsides are the cost, weight, and it is another thing to "go wrong".  They are quite happy with them, comes down to cost really.

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9/6/18 @ 4:37 PM
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Not on a yak, but on a 16’ Jon. 1 on the transom, left side and 1 on the bow right side. Rock solid hold. If there is a question of “do they work” ... he’ll yea !!

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