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7/23/14 @ 9:14 AM
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We are offering a special sale for only Lake-Link users. Buy any 8'x36" HawgTape for your livewell, livewell lids, coolers or carpeting. Receive a FREE HawgTape Hat. Just place the Hat in your cart and the discount will be taken off at checkout. CODE: LAKE HawgTape is the fastest way to measure your catch and get your line back out fishing.
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8/24/14 @ 7:25 PM
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Capt. Ryan Peters
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Just want to say thanks to F&H decals for the custom sticker! I have to say, I am very impressed with how these stickers hold up on carpeting. I submerged the first sticker under water more than 6 times while cleaning the boat, and after more than 50 trips on the water this year it was still holding up great. Only removed it to replace the sticker with my custom one which turned out great!! Thanks again F&H Decals!!

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