searching for winchester sabot slugs

1/10/16 @ 8:53 AM
USER since 2/28/13
If anybody could help me find some Winchester 12ga. 2 3/4" Platinum tip sabot slugs These were discontinued by Winchester several years ago and are no longer available through retail outlets. Only chance of obtaining them would be someone that has them and would like to sell. The rifled barrel on my shotgun does not have a fast enough twist rate to accurately shoot lighter gr. weight sabots. Any assistance gratefully appreciated.
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1/10/16 @ 5:47 PM
USER since 6/17/11

Can't give you any help on your search but wish you the best.

I'm just glad to see you are aware that slugs are really picky and have dialed in on what your gun likes best.

Be prepared to be assaulted with posts saying what others like for slugs. You know what works best for you.

Good luck,


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