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2/17/15 @ 6:23 PM
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So I went into Scheels today looking for a ruger sr1911 or colt series 70. Of course they only had the ruger with a 4 1/4 barrel and a 1991 model colt, so long story short I walked out with a kimber gold match 2 ss. A lot more than I thought I'd spend, does anyone have familiarity with kimbers? Pros/cons
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4/21/15 @ 10:09 AM
gray fox
gray fox
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da coach.....sure knows his guns!!!!!! Cool Cool

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2/18/15 @ 8:16 AM
'da Coach
'da Coach
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First off, congratulations, you sure got a sweet 1911 there, the Stainless Gold Match II is a terrific 1911.

I always have to wonder, though, about guys who buy something, then ask what others' opinions are after the fact. Don't make no sense to me, but then again, I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, lol.

I use automotive analogies a lot when talking guns,since most folks can easily recognize the differences between car models / grades. So what you kinda did was go shopping for an Accord / Camry level model gun and walked out with an Acura / Lexus level gun.

Nothin' wrong with that, one nice thing about upgrading gun models is that you can make that jump from Honda Accord to Acura RLX for a few hundred dollars (most folks with a $30K car budget can't afford to suddenly jump up to $55K! And nothin' wrong with an Accord, I drive one myself!).

So let's look at what you got for your money. Both guns are full-size (5") S/S, both have skeleteonized triger / hammer, mag capacity for both is 8 rounds, both have standard Rosewood double-diamond pattern, both have rear checkering / smooth front grip, so I'll call that a wash. Both are upgraded from mil-spec, let's consider the differences:

Sights - Ruger: Novak 3-dot; Kimber: Kimber adjustable, pretty much a wash between the two

Lock: Ruger, left side only, Kimber, ambidextrous. Advantage Kimber

Trigger pul: about the same (4-5.5 lbs)

Overall fit & finish: You may have already noted that the Kimber slde has virtually no wobble, whereas the Ruger may have a bit of wobble. Advantage Kimber again.

Depending on how much you rely on safety features, the question of whether you prefer a Series 70 vs Series 80 gun becomes rather subjective. The Ruger is a Series 70(nore or less), while the Kimber is a series 80.

Personally, I prefer a Series 70 (see Why Series 70 Is Superior), but again, that's up to you.

The Ruger 1911 is a terrific gun for the sub-$1000 money, but overall, the Kimber is nicer. Is it worth the additional money for the Kimber? If you like the gun and shoot it well, I'd say yes! Enjoy your new 1911!

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