Over the hard water season I plan on picking up some new rods.  I use Scotty Mounts on a walleye style boat for Salmon fishing LK MI for Browns - Kings.  Normally run 2 DR out the corners and 6-10 rods today.  Just starting out but mix bag for leadcore and dipsy rods has me wanting to standardize the selection some.

Looking for 6-8 leadcore rods 5,7,10  3 color prob run a downrigger rod for SWR or down the chute.

4 dipsy rods for Mag dipsy thru slide diver high lines depending on depth needing.

I have 4 10' downrigger rods but might want a couple 8'6 for stacker or shorter rods for going solo

Normally fish with others but might make a solo run on a odd run.

Couple question.  Okuma Leadcore GLT Rod has stainless rings...  Seems like braid and lead-core that would do better with ceramic rings.  Anyone know why they run stainless rings?  Worried some about wear as I lost a few dispy's this season till I found the problem on a eyelet.  

And pro/con on these units?  Okuma Classic Pro 7' Medium Lead Core rods.  Anyone run these...  Cheap enough to put a rod on all my lead core reels.  

Dipsy diver rods was looking at the 9' and 10' Okuma GLT rods...  Wish they had a 8'6" version... is 1 ft enough tip separation and how far apart if so should the rod holders be?  Other suggestions?  Right now just Braid Dipsy set-ups.

Heartland always had good reviews but doesn't look to be made anymore.  

Thanks for any suggestions.  Problem I have is not having selection local to see how they feel and will need to order them in most w/o seeing first.