The 29th Annual Trout and Salmon derby is still being held in Manistique on July 26th & 27th. There will be a new group of guys running the derby this year but everything will still be the same. There will be 3 pre-fishing days on July 21-23. Paying Largest fish-$250 2nd largest fish-$150 3rd largest fish-$100 for each day. Guaranteed Prizes- 1st place salmon- $3,000 and 1st place trout- $2,000. Also paying 2nd through 8th place in both categories. 80% payback on registration fee. $25 per person registration fee. There will be numerous door prizes and drawings. Including a raffle on a cooler full of meat which tickets will be on sale soon. You can register at 3 locations: Lindas Breadbox in cooks, Topo Lake, and Wheaties Pub. For more information contact Brett at 906-286-0234. Thanks hope to see you there.