Injured Bald Eagle

3/11/16 @ 9:42 PM
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Capt. Ryan Peters
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Just want to give a shout out to the DNR on their quick response today. While traveling home from fishing on the Peshtigo River today I noticed an eagle that didn't "look right". I stopped my truck, and walked to about 30 yards from it. It was able to fly about 40 to 50 yards, but wasn't able to get more than a foot or two off the ground. I called the DNR, and within 15 minutes a Game Warden and the Bioligist were there. They were able to catch him quickly, and bring it to the Green Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. They were assuming he was in a territorial fight with another eagle, and should be okay. I'm hoping to be there for his release, and will try to get a video if I can.
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3/12/16 @ 2:46 PM
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That's awesome. Good job on helping that eagle.


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