I bought a Tactacam "Video Camera" for my crossbow tonight. I thought it would be awesome to film my hunts. The local Proshop sold me on this camera after watching a video of the owner shooting a buck with his shotgun. I have been looking at the GoPro for years and have never been able to pull the trigger. Mostly because I could not resolve the mounting issue. The Tactacam mounts to the scope on the crossbow. I'm going to use the Shooting Pod in the blind which is easy to aim at anything outside the blind in my field of view. Unlike the GoPro this camera records in 3 power. I'm not an expert on the GoPro so forgive me if I mis-speak about the GoPro that but I'm almost sure someone told me that the GoPro did not video in even 0 power and to get the most out of the GoPro a person has to have an upgraded computer. I hope to get some cool video this weekend which I will share here but does anyone have any experience with this camera ? It would be great to share video experience with others. Good Luck to all