Seeking a fishing spot in South Dakota

10/27/15 @ 8:55 PM
USER since 1/17/10
I live in Wisconsin and a good friend lives in Colorado. We want to meet next year to fish together for a week. We figure South Dakota is about half way between us and maybe a good meeting spot to fish together, Can any forum folks suggest a good body of water to fish for a week? Thanks
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12/30/15 @ 3:59 PM
USER since 7/11/01
Consider Big Stone on SD MN border.

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12/29/15 @ 8:47 AM
USER since 1/21/12
I've stayed here for a week, it's a perfect little ma & pop operation. Nice steakhouse, bait shop and cabins onsite. They have their own boat ramp into Lake Oahe.

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12/28/15 @ 9:28 AM
Brian Hammarsten
USER since 4/5/10
Where did you end up fishing and how did it go?

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10/28/15 @ 8:25 AM
Brad Durick
USER since 3/31/16
I guess Oahe is a good place for walleye fishing. Other than that I can't help with SD.

If you were willing to come a few hours north to North Dakota I could offer up many options. Devils Lake for walleyes and pike. The Red River if you want to chase trophy catfish for a day or two. Let me know if I can help.

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