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1/13/15 @ 3:36 PM
67year oldrookie
67year oldrookie
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I have a few questions, yes I know fishing from a boat is way off in the distance. First question, 18' pontoon and a 68 year old first timer, where in Fremont would be the safest place to launch. Second question, I have not been fishing since I was 12, my wife and I are now retired where is a good relaxing place near Fremont to pan fish? We are not interested in fighting the river crowd and is there a good artificial bait for pan fish. Thanks a lot, Rog
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1/17/15 @ 6:48 AM
Marc Morrone
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I don't know the Fremont area, but for bait I'd highly suggest 1" Gulp alive minnow, hooked thru the nose lightly on a 1/64 oz. jig.

Good Luck!

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