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1/16/16 @ 8:06 AM
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Need a little info ; Wife and I go on a week fishing trip in late spring Would like to try one of the Dakotas We have a 21 ft glass boat . But would like to take our 14 Mirro , Cheaper to run . My concern is , Would our 14 ft be to small for these lakes . And where would we be best to go . Thanks PETE and ROSE
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1/16/16 @ 9:48 AM
Brad Durick
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When you say North or South Dakota I think the big water such as Devils Lake. You can bring a 14' boat up here but you will be a slave to the wind. I am sure there are much smaller waters around you can find that will give you a very enjoyable trip.

I do have a question though. If you have a big boat and a vacation why wouldn't you want to spend a little extra money for the comfort and versatility?

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