Looking to get a boat lift. what kind do you have and like?

3/7/16 @ 12:50 PM
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just wondering if anyone has some experience or advice on what to look for when getting a new boat lift? I know there's a couple different kinds of lifts and different rails used for support. will be for a 17ft aluminum boat.
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3/21/16 @ 11:45 AM
USER since 4/7/14
I have a shorestation for my boat. It stays in the water all year round, even in winter. We live in a mucky shallow bay, so it would be a pain in the butt to take it in/out every year, and the ice hasn't been a problem. The lift is solid, haven't had any issues with it. The guys at the marina on my lake are strong supporters of shorestation and shoremasters; they told me when I was looking that I'd be wasting my time and money on any other brands.

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3/8/16 @ 10:48 PM
Ed Franko
Big Ed's Guide Service
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Are you looking for a manual or a air type lift?

I have a 4 thousand pound lift with 2 poly/fiberglass tanks. It will easily lift my 22 foot bass boat. My boat sits on two rails like your longest rails on your boat trailer. Easy to load when there is no boat traffic tough when there is a lot of boat traffic.. It is the only way to keep a boat on the water here at Lake of the Ozarks. However if you are up north where the water gets hard I don't think it would work for you. The greatest thing is when your boat is on a lift it doesn't get the slime scum build up on the bottom. The worse thing is that it is way to easy to let down and go fishing rather than doing work around the house. My clients are always amazed the way it works..

I believe my lift is a Poly Lift.

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