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5/22/16 @ 7:31 AM
USER since 3/26/15

I personally don't mount fish but I would say that is a good size to mount.  I know some people prefer a gill that is a foot, but how often do those come boat side?

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6/2/16 @ 3:12 PM
Ed Franko
Big Ed's Guide Service
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Probably to late but I would photo the fish and have a replica made of it.  They look great and last forever.  I have a few skin mounts but will never do it again. The replicas are so good and and you get the thrill of releasing the fish.   

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6/2/16 @ 7:25 AM
USER since 6/18/13

You can have it freeze dry mounted. My local taxidermist did one for me. They do slightly shrink though and only had a 12" gill done. Anything else I've only done replicas and don't plan on doing anymore  

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5/25/16 @ 8:28 AM
Tim Zwieg
USER since 1/10/12

I do not have any personal fish on the walls.  I have however moutned a few for my kids.  They each have a Walleye and Crappie, the one boy has two Crappies.  One thing I ouwld do oif I were mounting fish again is to do replicas.

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