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7/4/15 @ 12:56 PM
Bearfield boy
Bearfield boy
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Fished with a guy last week who used a D Barb tool to remove a hook from a smallmouth bass that swallows its food whole. Great tool but the website for the D Barb says it is no longer a website. Anybody know where one of these tools can be found? Thanks.
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7/6/15 @ 4:56 PM
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agree with denesox, that is good info ( as usual )

another thought: if you haven't already, try switching to a circle hook

my sons converted me, and it's a proven fact that circle hooks help prevent gut hooked fish if you "set" the hook correctly for a circle hook

reel up slack line then just lift the rod and continue reeling

a real nice all around circle is the Eagle Claw LaserSharp L7228

has a wide gap for better hookups

here's an article from In-Fisherman on circle hooks and some other recommendations

my youngest son says he prefers NO offset, and he tends to tie using a snell


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7/4/15 @ 5:13 PM
Ed Franko
Big Ed's Guide Service
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I think you can find something like you are talking about at Walmart.

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7/4/15 @ 4:42 PM
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Any thin needle nose pliers or forceps can accomplish the job with ease. Research the "through the gill" method. No need to worry about some tool that may or not be made any longer.

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