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5/1/15 @ 11:12 AM
Tommy Howell
USER since 7/11/11
Just wondering what the going rate is for bait, minnows, leeches, and crawlers in your area.
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5/5/15 @ 11:45 AM
Tim Zwieg
USER since 1/10/12
Tommy, I live in the cities, you are in the Hibbing area. I have a bait shop that takes awesome care of me. This year his flats are $60 packed in two foam minnow buckets. I also bought a gallon of Salted Fatheads for $45. I don't recall his leech prices, but he has awesome leeches. This is 65 bait on hightway 65 just north of Cambridge. I will go out of my way to get bait from Jim.

Now I was a whole saler in Stevens Point WI, last week. He sold me 4"-6" sucker minnows for $8.00 a pound that I thought was pretty resonable too.

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