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1/18/16 @ 5:32 PM
USER since 8/19/04
Hi guys... I recently set up 1 of my 4wheelers just for ice fishing, and am now looking for a nice gps plotter to mount on it. 99% of what I am seeing out there are sonar/plotters. does anyone make just a plain color plotter with good base map, or loadable maps, with a screen that grampa can read when flyn to his next spot?? Thanks...
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1/26/16 @ 2:56 PM
Tim Zwieg
USER since 1/10/12
I second what Brad stated below. I am using a Helix7 just for GPS. There is a setup option to shut the sonar off.

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1/19/16 @ 7:11 PM
USER since 9/16/01
I have a Lowrance GPS/sonar on my ATV,put in a contour lake map chip,& start fishing that select area.

Add waypoints,icons,& even lay down trails. Trails,....a good way to get back to landing at night,fog,or white out snow conditions.

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1/19/16 @ 2:35 PM
MEMBER since 6/15/01
if you have a tablet, another possibility is to get the Navionics Boating APP for iPad or Android ( $10 )

you can rig up a 12V charger so your tablet doesn't run out of juice, they sell nice tablet carriers for ATV's...

you don't need phone service on the tablet, but you DO NEED GPS, wifi is nice to have

if you don't have a tablet, you can buy decent ones relatively inexpensively depending on how big a screen you want

they may also have camera for taking a picture

Navionics APP lets you map track, waypoints...other items alternative to buying a fish finder

and... Navionics has a wireless transducer, etc. you can get should you want to use as fish/depth finder

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1/19/16 @ 1:05 PM
Brad Durick
USER since 3/31/16
I don't think you need anything for just that. I would look at a Humminbird Helix 5 or 7 with Lakemaster Chip. Then you can use the unit for fishing in the summer as well. If you have no need for a depth finder in summer I would say get online and find an older Humminbird base model that can be mounted for just the atv

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1/19/16 @ 12:21 PM
USER since 1/10/05
I use my HB 597ci HD DI out of the boat on my ATV in the winter. Works great with the Lakemaster chip

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