2/10/15 @ 6:54 PM
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Has any of experienced problems,getting adobe flash for droid turbo 4.4? Cant get it anymore. Went and paid for membership "was glad about that being a avid outdoorsman" but bumbed that I couldn't get lake maps in detail. Sad so what can I do? They should of explained that on site.
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2/10/15 @ 8:38 PM
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Flash is not supported on Android devices.

If you got a membership for the maps, I am sure Steve and Darin could arrange a refund if you want.

I would also suggest looking intp the Navionics Boating App

For $10 you get access to their maps, including their hd maps... depth contours, tracking, waypoints

A serious good deal...

... just be sure your device has GPS

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