Which fish finder should I keep? Lowrance or Garmin?

6/22/15 @ 8:33 PM
USER since 7/16/08
I received 2 fish finders for my birthday Saturday, A Lowrance Mark 4-CHIRP with Downscan imaging fishfinder + chartplotter Model 11823 and a Garmin Echo 301c Which one should I keep and why? I fish mostly in shallow lakes/rivers, trolling or still-fishing with my 14' deep-V boat. Primarily Lake Winnebago in WI & similar. I suspect the charting feature on the Lowrance will be useful and the CHIRP technology sounds superior, but the marketing materials and reviews available for each unit aren't all that helpful. Thanks for the help! Donald
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7/14/15 @ 7:57 PM
USER since 6/24/01
I like my Lowrance and have had great customer service from them.

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7/13/15 @ 3:01 PM
USER since 12/22/04
Just to add confusion, I would keep the Garmin. I have a garmin, lowrance and humminbird on my boat.

1) Humminbird makes worst product and has best customer service for obvious reasons

2) Lowrance makes a good product but has horrific customer service

3) Garmin product makes a product good enough that you never need to call their customer service. I have had many of their products over the years and everything they make works exactly how it should and never breaks.

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6/23/15 @ 12:19 PM
Brody McWilliams
USER since 5/7/15
I'd also suggest the Lowrance. Ease of access to dealers is a big one.

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6/23/15 @ 12:14 PM
Tim Zwieg
USER since 1/10/12
I would second (or the 3rd reply) the Lowrance. I used Lowrances for years, and just switched to Humminbirds, but that is not the question.

Reasoning for keeping the Lowrance, there are more immediate users of that product, if you have questions you are going to get quicker and more accurate replies abotu the Lowrance. The Lowrance has more options as in in Lake Map Chips available to it than Garmin. The Lowrance is a solid reliable product.

Now keep in mind that my opinions are biased because I know nothing abotu Garmin's either Smile

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6/23/15 @ 8:34 AM
Brian Hammarsten
USER since 4/5/10
The lowrance would be the one I would keep. I like the down imaging capability (along with the ability to overlay that on top of your standard sonar view) and it looks like the Lowrance also has built in GPS.

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6/23/15 @ 8:32 AM
Ed Franko
Big Ed's Guide Service
USER since 5/6/15
I would keep the Lowrance myself. But I have used Lowrance forever and know nothing about Garmin. I am sure that both units are very good. Just do yourself a favor and always turn the unit off by the on off switch. I use to turn mine off with the master switch all of the time. However I made the mistake with the newer stuff and got into a program even the guys at Lowrance could not get into. The good thing with the Lowrance is tech support. I have been on the water and called them with a question and they have walked me through it and explained what was going on..

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