Sealine 27 line counter reel

3/18/15 @ 11:36 AM
Big K Dekes
Big K Dekes
USER since 1/26/10
Has anyone had a line counter on this reel go bad? I have several where the line counter doesn't work all of the time and I would like to replace them. Is this an easy task to complete once you have the parts or is it something I should take to a reel repair guy?
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3/18/15 @ 6:48 PM
David Matysik
Badger Reel Repair
MEMBER since 6/9/10
You will need to remove the handle, star drag, and the side plate. The line counter is held in with one or two screws. Remove the screw(s)and the line counter assembly should slide out. The gear on the end of the line counter assembly is pressed on. Check the gear to make sure it is not sliding on the line counter gear shaft. If it is, a dab of super glue to keep the gear from sliding on the shaft may solve your problem. There are other gears in the system that turn the line counter gear. Check those gears to make sure the teeth are in good shape. If it is actually the line counter assembly the entire assembly will need to be replaced.

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