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9/1/15 @ 11:57 AM
Tim Zwieg
USER since 1/10/12
Hey guys, everyone wants to find that new cool product. Well I found one, it is not new, but it is new to me. I do a lot of trolling, and if anybody uses the Trolling Bible which is now out of print,but available as an app for our smart phones. Well know that book is based on Trilene XT 10 LB test. I have used many different monofilament lines that are the same diameter as Trilene XT. They all have different qualities, to wiry, memory no stretch etc. I came across some line. It is Sunline Super Natural in green. The 16 lb test has the exact same diameter as Trilene 10 lb XT. They are both .013 inches in diameter. Sunline spools onto my reel super easy, it is limp and not wiry, seems to have a decent amount of stretch, not to much and not to little, and no memory. I spooled this up on a couple of reels initially and love it. Best thing is this line does not cost an arm and a leg, it is pretty much in line with the cost of any other monofilament. You can get a 660 yard spool for $13.59, and a 3300 yard spool for $59.99, yeah I know whose needs a 3300 yard spool, I do!! Not sure what storefronts carry this, but you can get it on line at Give them a call they have some great items besides line.
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12/5/15 @ 6:34 AM
Marc Morrone
USER since 9/3/08
We have brought in some Sunline for a few guys and they really like it. I think it was fluoro though now that I think about it.

Plan on stocking some Sunline in the store (and possibly field testing a little too Smile), next season.

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11/25/15 @ 10:04 AM
Brian Hammarsten
USER since 4/5/10
I have the trolling bible app and it doesnt seem to work right (I cant add any more baits to it) and I heard they are not supporting it any longer. Are you having better luck with it than I am?

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