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9/1/15 @ 12:11 PM
Tim Zwieg
USER since 1/10/12
As long as we are talking line, here is another awesome product that I found. I also like to fish with Lead Core. Traditionaly I have used 18LB Lead Core. I have several reels tied up wtih segmented lead, and a several reels spoole up with all 10 colors of lead Core Line. I use Okuma Line Counters, size 20 is the nicest size, but with traditioanl Lead Core you need to use a size 30 which is massive. I have tried some other small diameter Lead Core lines,but you still cannot get all 10 colors on a size 20 reel. Enter Tufline Micro Lead. This comes in an 18lb Lead Core which has a spectra fiber outer shield. Usign a size 20 Okuma line coutner, I can spool on 50 yards of backer, 10 colors of Tufline Micro Lead, and a 30 yard leader. This all fits on a size 20 reel. I tie Lead Core direct to the backer line, but use a small #10 swivel to tie the leader to, that way if it breaks I can jsut easily re-tie. I have seen on-line reviews of the Tufline Micro Lead colord fading. I have not experienced any of that. So far I am realyl enjopying using this line too.
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9/14/15 @ 9:20 PM
Brian Hammarsten
USER since 4/5/10
I have had good luck with the suffix leadcore line as well.

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