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3/19/16 @ 8:59 AM
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I would like to try cat fishing and I'm looking for info on what gear I would need to get started with...rod & reel, what lb. test line, tackle, bait.... ect. Thanks in advance
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3/27/16 @ 9:22 PM
Brad Durick
USER since 3/31/16
Your question seems to be answered pretty well. I find for an all around setup get yourself at least a 7'6" MH rod. I like the Rippin Lips Supercats (About $45) If you use baitcast reels you can go with something like an Abu Garcia or Shimano ($79 to $119)Spinning I am not much help. I like a 30# mono line for the main line on the reel then adjust the snell strenth from there. Some no-roll sinkers, hooks, and swivels and you are ready.

The topic can get a lot deeper but that should get you started for now. If you have more questions pop into the catfish section and we can go from there.

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3/20/16 @ 9:59 AM
USER since 1/20/09
Your equipment and bait will vary depending on which type of catfish you're targeting and where. For eater size channel cats and bullheads, medium spinning tackle and 8-12# monofilament might be all you need. For big flatheads in snaggy areas, you would probably want to use heavy baitcasting tackle with 80-100# braid to muscle the fish out of the wood.

I mostly fish for flatheads in a lake with very little current and no real snags to worry about. I use medium/heavy baitcasting and spinning rigs with 20# Berkeley big game mono.

I use slip-sinker rigs and 3-way rigs with 1-3 oz weights. I use large inline circle hooks and large live and cut-bait. I highly recommend inline circle hooks no matter what type and size fish you plan to target.

For channel cats and bullheads, cut-bait and stink bait seem to be the preferred method. Sonny's seems to be the preferred brand.

If you plan to shore-fish, you'll need good strong rod-holders. I made my own with pvc pipe attached to a piece of steel rod. These are strong enough to hold a fish until I can get to the rod.

Let us know what you plan to target and where, and you'll probably get some more specific information. Good luck!

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3/19/16 @ 5:25 PM
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here's the forum on cat-fishing... there's a bunch of good guys there that would point you in the right direction

good luck

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