I apologize for the short notice, but I had a couple dog handlers back out at the last minute for a pheasant hunt I am putting on this Sunday, January 11th. I am looking for couple dog handlers with reasonably well trained dogs for a pheasant hunt program. It will be held at a hunt club in Jefferson Co, starting at 8am. I PROMISE to wrap things up before "The Game" at noon! This is a Learn to Hunt event for first time hunters. Each hunter, mostly young adults/adults will have a qualified mentor walking at their side to insure the utmost safety for everyone. I have hosted this type of event every year for the last 8 or 9 and it has gone off without a hitch. Prior to the hunt we have a class day with local Biologist and Warden giving a presentation. Then I, as a veteran Hunter Safety Instructor, cover all the safety aspects to this hunt and we do some practicing with the shotguns we will be using for the hunt. Please call for more details if you are interested in getting the dog out for a little exercise after this arctic blast! thanks, Scott 414.750.5181