Crankbaits and Catfish

2/9/16 @ 10:50 AM
USER since 12/23/12
I take one guy fishing a lot and he always has to be throwing lures out. He's actually been catching as many cats on the Rapala lures as any other fish. This is especially true along rip-rap banks. Pretty neat seeing a 5 pounder smack a crank along those shallow rocks.
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2/9/16 @ 2:19 PM
Brad Durick
USER since 3/31/16
you hear of it quite often actually which proves catfish can be the king of the jungle when they want to be. Personally I have had little to no success with it. It is why there are companies starting to come out with catfish lures and other rigs to attract catfish while drifting and trolling.

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