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Help me price my boat: Starcraft Islander

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Whistling Gull
Whistling Gull
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2/20/12 10:03 AM CST
What do you guys feel would be a fair price to ask for this boat? Selling due to back injury.

Thanks for any suggestions

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3/16/12 3:15 PM CST
did you ever come up with a price for your boat?

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3/11/12 4:30 PM CST
Nice looking rig. Go to the NADA website and price it there for free.

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Jet Mech 71
Jet Mech 71
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3/4/12 11:38 PM CST
Well there are a lot of factors to price your boat. Where do you live, what year is the boat, trailer, engines ect. I like to compare to what other boats are listed at as well. Now if you have one that no one else has, then you might be a little more. I have an 08 Islander 221 OB. I bought it in 2010 with very very low hours and some very nice upgrades. I live in WA and I have only seen less than 3 of the 19 foot Islanders and the asking prices were pushing 18K. Now that was for one less than 5 years old and in near perfect shape. I hope this helps you out. Please feel free to ask me more questions. It took me over a year to sell my last boat. It was a 1979 glass boat with a fully rebuilt engine. I took a huge loss in it just to get rid of it. It is what it is when it comes to boats. I have attached the link with a pic of my Islander.

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