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4/11/15 @ 9:23 AM
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ok heres my ? I got a battery tendr I thuink its a jr model.. I have to battery for my trolling mrt in series can I hook the tender up to it or do I gota do charge one at a time
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4/22/15 @ 12:56 PM
Tim Zwieg
USER since 1/10/12
Honestly you do not want to use your Battery Tender Jr for charging your trolling motor batteries, it is to small. Pick up a 5 or 10 amp smart charger that is designed for charging deep cycle batteries.

I sensed a question on charging batteries in series or parallel. When hooking batteries up in Series, you hook the + of first battery to the - of the second battery, thus doubling your voltage from 12 to 24 volts. When hooking up in Parallel you are hooking the + from first battery to + of second battery the - of first battery to - of second battery thus increasing the size of your battery, not the voltage.

If you are hooking batteries up in parallel, you can use a single 12 volt charger to charge both batteries, by hooking the charger to the + of battery one, and the - of battery 1. This will charge both batteries, but it will take longer, however very doable.

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4/11/15 @ 1:15 PM
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see questions 14 and 15... be sure if you are talking series or parallel

note the restrictions on output of your charger vs battery

you can call or email them if you are unsure or want more specific answers

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