Top 10 lures for beginner bass fishermen?

11/24/17 @ 7:42 AM
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As a high school fishing team coach, these are what I believe are the best lures for a person who is just getting into bass fishing.

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11/28/17 @ 10:16 AM
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There are three kinds of bass fisherman in my opinion. 

1) dock skippers - we all know fish hold on docks all year to some degree, but this is all some guys ever do regardless of any other factors.   

2) chuckers - they will only throw spinnerbaits and crankbaits all the time.  Really never understand spot on spot locations or concept of structure.  They are just hoping to catch something by laws of percentages that with enough casts something has to bite.  These guys are not to be confused with finesse crankbaiting.  

3) real fisherman - read the water and weather conditions and work to develop a pattern.  Let fish dictate lure usage, opposite approach of first two.  

If you get young anglers focused on thinking about where in water column fish are hitting, are they deep/shallow., drop speed, etc....they can easily learn the power fishing techniques later to supplement the previously listed rigs.  Now in reality - a Senko is not best plastic for all those techniques, but I was trying to make a point :)   

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11/28/17 @ 10:00 AM
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the answer is a senko... in no particular order

1) Weightless - wacky Rigged

2) Weightless - texas Rigged

3) Pegged Texas Rigged

4) Carolina Rigged

5) Ned Rigged

6) Neko Rigged

7) Drop Shot Rigged

8) Traditional Sliding Texas Rigged

9) Football Head Jigged

10) Flick Shake Rigged

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